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A venture of eReleGo Digi Media Pvt Ltd eReleGo.com is owned and operated by eReleGo Digi Media Pvt. Ltd. - a Mumbai based start-up founded in Dec 2012. The start-up aims to make digital copy accessible to all by leveraging technology. eReleGo.com is offering digital News, Periodicals, Books, Academics and Library.

The availability of various screen sized multipurpose reading devices (smartphones, tabs, laptops, desktops etc) created high evel expectation in consumers. Print media houses trying very hard to cater but unable because of varying screen sizes of devices and incompatiblity of vernacular font. To cater this segment we came out with an website and an app which will fulfill the expectation of those readers and publishers as well.

eNews section of erelego.com developed an inhouse patent pending product "print plus" to excite the reading experience. Print plus offers, vernacular font friendly, searchable, shareable, responsive news pop up created on epaper (image of printed newspaper). Utmost care is taken to create the feeling of newspaper and its easeness to read.

What We Do

We assist publishers to build new audience and to turn content into revenues.

Partnering with eReleGo ePaper enables you to create an engaging reading experience for your users, maximize your audience, measure readership behavior, and monetize your online content.

Our digital publishing solutions are simple and intuitive, which makes for an easy, pleasant user experience. ePapers are a faithful reproduction of the original format, therefore, they answer your readers’ need for security and familiarity.

Our Product

eReleGo Paper transforms your content into a multi-device digital solution that is specifically designed to create engaging experiences and drive profits.

What does superior engagement, outstanding user experience, better distribution, and increasing profitability have in common? They are the core of eReleGo’s product line : ePaper, eKiosk, App


How it works:
Boost your content’s value and benefit from your readers’ engagement.

The Power of Storytelling:
The ePaper format satisfy your readers’ need for security and familiarity, by providing a storytelling experience. The digital publication has a beginning and an end, and other visual cues and codes that protect the DNA of the print newspapers, in order to fulfill the need for completion of your audience. This is a effective way to capture their attention for longer periods of time, while drawing them closer to your content and your advertisers’ messages.

User Experience:
Our technology enables a fast digital publication download and article pop up, which is key for user experience and satisfaction. Moreover, the rich features - such as videos, pop-ups, hyperlinks, slideshow, Easy Read Article, tabs and social medias sharing tool - creates interactivity and engagement between your ePaper and your audience.

Multi-Device Compatibility:
The ePaper is compatible with all tablets and mobiles, using Flash and HTML5, which provides the benefit of a greater distribution channel of active readership.

Reflecting your Brand:
Whether they be newspapers, magazines, catalogs or reports, eReleGo powered publications are formatted to reflect your branding. Whether in the toolbar, background or loader, your branding and logo are always visible, in the ideal environment to promote it.

Expanded Distribution:
ePaper also has an outstanding content distribution as it generates more page views than any other digital medium. Its social media sharing capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg of its many features.


A unique destination for content: Yours!
What’s a eKiosk?
The eKiosk is a micro-site designed to showcase, centralize, organize, and share current publications and back-issues. Your readers will have an easy, one-stop access to your entire range of content. Publications housed in your eKiosk are SEO optimized for search engines as well as for our standalone advanced search tool.

Adaptable design:
The eKiosk’s themes and colors are adaptable to match your brand image and tie-in seamlessly with your website’s design.

Paid Publications:
The eKiosk can incorporate the Transactional Module – a secure tool for selling paid publications, while managing transactions, customers, and products.

The eKiosk represents a fantastic advertising revenue stream. Run IAB Standard campaigns or use contextual targeting. This is the perfect complement to our new display advertising format.


A simple and profitable content publication App? We’ve got it.
Your own iOS and Android App
Display your name and logo on App Store and Google Play! How? eReleGo creates iOS and Android Applications dedicated to your brand and your digital publications.

Consumers are on the lookout for interactive experiences, particularly on tablets and smartphones. They like action - and so do we. Now that readers want the flexibility to read anywhere at any time, ePaper created a mobile interface to ensure publishers have an easier experience.

Increased Reach:
An additional touchpoint with your audience becomes available with the help of the mobile solution as it enables you to increase your digital publications’ reach on any tablet and smartphone.

To each their own
You could have a fully customized mobile solution for smartphones and tablets for each of your editions or even for a group of titles. Multiple integrated features are available for this proficient and cost effective solution.

What is the mobile solution?
This latest mobile publishing platform offers newspapers and periodicals a slick, intuitive digital outlet to attract new readers and further engage their existing audience. The ready-made app is compatible with any tablet or mobile device and features a wide range of customizable designs so that each publication can have full control over the look and feel of its content.

Advertising and Profitability
Using extensive data on customer patterns like the average time spent on a page, the frequency of visits, and peak times, the publisher was able to create better packages and bundles for its advertisers. Its newspapers could offer a broader range of advertisement as well, including video animation, interactive spots, and hyperlinked calls to action.

Our Team

Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Prashanth Shetty


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Sudeer Shetty


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P L Somashekhara

Executive Director

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